Top 10 Art Blogs You Should Follow to Inspire Your Creativity

June 03, 2021 | Althea Kelsey | Free Courses

Top 10 Art Blogs You Should Follow to Inspire Your Creativity

There are lots of art blogs that might help spark an idea and inspire your creativity.  

<strong>Art</strong> <strong>Blogs</strong> <strong>You</strong> <strong>Should</strong> <strong>Follow</strong>
Art Blogs You Should Follow

Whether you want to have in-depth artist interviews, or just find new ideas for your art, artist websites and art blogs are everything for you! Look at the top 10 art blog websites you should follow to gain your ideas.

Hi-Fructose Magazine 

Founded in 2005 by two artists Attaboy and Annie Owens, Hi-Fructose is published quarterly in art magazines. It focuses on various genres and trends. 

Hi-Fructose Magazine
Hi-Fructose Magazine

Each art post describes the process of an artist’s creative work. It celebrates original artwork and inspires a new artist to come up with better ideas. Hi-Fructose has both a print version and online versions. 

Artnet News

Artnet News is the first and oldest art magazine in the world. This platform is created to engage and connect all artists and love-art people around the world. Its content is rich and varied, including art events, current trends, and upcoming trends. 

The special section in Artnet News is a high-quality artworks critique section. Read it, you’ll have many different views about the art field, which are useful for both amateurs and experts. With 8 posts each day, Artnet News uses a wide network to connect and update all top art trending worldwide.  

Empty Easel

If you’re looking for valuable tips and resources for artists, Empty Easel is good for you. It’s a blog that offers a huge value for artists who want to sell their artworks to progress their hobby or art career. 

Empty Easel
Empty Easel

Empty Easel provides a lot of exciting artwork to create amazing art ideas for everyone. All blogs on this platform are written by successful artists, so all listed tips are hugely helpful in the art market.  

Artists Network

Artist Network – the art blog site – its goal is to inspire the way you create amazing artworks. They contain hundreds of workshops and video tutorials from expert artists and help you develop art skills.  

With over 700 unlimited time online videos, you can watch them whenever and wherever. It’s too easy to understand, even if you’re a beginner. 


CreativeBloq is an up-to-date trend updated art blog where you can improve your skills very well. It covers many topics, such as graphic design, web design, illustration, and more. 


Like an online art course, CreativeBloq publishes in-depth articles to guide and inspire artists to create new creative ideas. Totally, this blog is a helpful resource for everyone who loves art. 

Colossal magazine

Colossal is a blog that combines art, design, and visual culture, which shows both emerging and established artists’ work in the world. There are thousands of artwork from many topics, like crafts, animation, photography, and architecture. 

The Colossal blog introduces a little bit of the artist’s background first and shows deeper descriptions about artworks. You can see the best art with high-quality pictures. 



Having a print version and online version, Juxtapoz is an art blog combined with artist features and news on global exhibitions. There are huge topics, such as paintings, photography, street art, and much more. 

The blog introduces a work of art that will be presented in an upcoming exhibition. It has an artist’s brief interview and the main point of each artwork. 


Focus on photography and illustrations, Booooooom is a famous art blog in Canada. Some blogs post deep into the artist’s background, and some others post interviews about the artist’s feature works. 

If you like to explore the art industry, Booooooom is a huge resource with more than 15 posts every week.

Cass Art 

The best art blog in the UK named Cass Art which aims of inspiring and propelling new artists. Started in 2012, this blog has more than 50,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. 

It is divided into small art categories sections including painting, drawing, and craft which helps readers easily choose the article they are interested in. You can find other art workshops in big cities like London, Liverpool, and Manchester also. 


Commarts is one of the most inspiring blogs for artists and other visual communicators. It contains six main majors are advertising, illustration, photography, typography, design, and interactive. 

All posts feature the stand-out aspect of artworks, as well as other well-written column pieces. Explore more interesting posts by clicking the  ‘Gallery’ section. 

No matter if you are a new artist or already an expert in the art field, staying updated with a useful source of information is essential. Keep in mind 10 famous art blogs that inspire you with creative art ideas.