Successfully launch a Shopify dropshipping business

July 14, 2021 | Lu Henry | Online Courses

Successfully launch a Shopify dropshipping business

Let’s not forget, a dropshipping business using Shopify is the best option for people with limited resources. It spares you from the inventory costs and still gets you the money. Still, is Shopify good for dropshipping? This is certainly a good question. Shopify is the most famous platform for dropshipping. It is specifically built for dropshipping and it has many features and solutions particularly for dropshipping. Furthermore, it is easy to use.

<strong>Successfully</strong> Launch a <strong>Shopify</strong> Dropshipping Business
Successfully Launch a Shopify Dropshipping Business

In this brief guide, I will update you on launching a successful Shopify dropshipping business. There are some prerequisites we must not overlook, let’s get to it.

Fundamentals for your Shopify dropshipping business

Before starting your business, you must have something in mind. If you don’t, we will help you with that as well. These are a few steps you must follow before starting a dropshipping business on Shopify.

Research your keywords

In case you don’t have a niche in your mind, you must select it cleverly. Your success lies in finding the most profitable niche. A niche that is in demand will increase your chances of customers. You can use Google keyword planner or other keyword research tools. 

Google keyword planner will tell you about the competition and the monthly searches each product offers.

Search for product trend

Did you find your product? That’s great. Although you still need to run those on the Google trends. Google trends will tell you about the popularity of your product. It will further confirm your keyword research.

Launch your Shopify dropshipping business through these steps

Once you have selected your niche, you are good to set up your dropshipping store. Here is your step-by-step guideline on how to start a Shopify dropshipping business.

Create your Shopify account

The first step is creating your account. You can set up your account through your email. They will ask you to set your store name. Your store name should be easy to search and common. 

Create Your <strong>Shopify</strong> Account
Create Your Shopify Account

Once you do that, they will ask you to enter your details. This is why I asked you to do market research and select your products.

<strong>Shopify</strong> Account
Shopify Account

After this, you will enter your details and click on register your store. Voila! You are done with the first step.

How to Start a <strong>Shopify</strong> Dropshipping Business
How to Start a Shopify Dropshipping Business

Install the Oberlo app

Oberlo is an app built for dropshipping by Shopify. This app will find your products. It is super easy to install and launch

Install the Oberlo App
Install the Oberlo App

You need to click on the add app. Once you start the app, your Oberlo dashboard will appear. Through this, you will be able to search for products, find products relevant to your niche. This is how it will appear.

Is <strong>Shopify</strong> Good for Dropshipping
Is Shopify Good for Dropshipping

Start your product hunt and add them to your store

You installed the Oberlo app. Now, you must search for your product. Let’s suppose, I searched for earrings and several items were displayed. Product hunting can be a complicated task because you want to select a product with a reasonable profit. 

Start Your Product Hunt and add Them to Your Store
Start Your Product Hunt and add Them to Your Store

Now, I came across a cute pair of earrings that my audience will love. I will click the option ‘add to import list’.

<strong>Shopify</strong> Dropshipping Business
Shopify Dropshipping Business

You can import as many products as you want. Just consider a few things like authentic suppliers, warehouse location, shipping methods, and order count.

Customize product descriptions and add them to store

Now, you click on the import list from the Oberlo dashboard. You will see your selected products there. You can change the description and title. You can make it catchier. You can also use Shopify SEO services and target the best keywords. Use hashtags as well.

Customize Product Descriptions and add Them to Store
Customize Product Descriptions and add Them to Store

When you get done with all this, you must click on “import to store”. Your products are ready to sell on Shopify.

Set up your Shopify dropshipping store

Setting up your store is necessary because it makes a good impression on your customers. You must choose themes and customize your theme. It is super easy; you will see all the options.

Set up Your <strong>Shopify</strong> Dropshipping Store
Set up Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

Similarly, you can customize your Shopify dropshipping store. You can select how your products can appear on your screen etc. 

Choose your payment criteria

The last step is payment. Shopify will only give you a 15-day trial and you will have to select your payment plan. It is very economical, that’s why so many people use it.

Choose Your Payment Criteria
Choose Your Payment Criteria

Through these steps, you can easily set up your Shopify dropshipping business. It is convenient and profitable. This is the reason so many people are using it. After reading this elaborate guide, you can too.