How to get hired in Silicon Valley as a Software Engineer?

April 07, 2021 | Barrow Richard | Tips And Tricks

How to get hired in Silicon Valley as a Software Engineer?

If you want to end up at a renowned tech giant in Silicon Valley, you need to work for it from the very beginning. Becoming a software engineer seems like the most promising career option but there are some downsides like any other field out there. Technological advancement has forced every business to adopt the latest technologies and solutions. With every passing year, the demand for skilled software engineers is increasing in the international market. Being the IT hub, Silicon Valley is the dream job destination of every techie. The competitive market of software engineers requires fresh graduates to master the newest technologies before dropping their CVs at any firm. A get="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Bachelor of Software Engineering or any equivalent degree is not enough to secure a job.

<strong>Software</strong> Engineer
Software Engineer

Technologies are changing so software engineers also need to equip themselves with the latest platforms and programming languages. Having a dream job and working for it will surely help you to be part of Silicon Valley but you also need to realize this journey is not going to be easy.

A career in Silicon Valley

Every computer-related person knows about this technology hub. All popular computer and software companies have their offices in Silicon Valley. From Facebook to Apple, every tech company hires hundreds of software engineers for development projects. The employees of these companies come from different nations and countries. Whether you are from India or Germany, everyone has equal job opportunities in this diverse market. Getting hired by any software house is the dream of everyone but the majority does not know how to make it happen.

Before jumping into the industry, you need to decide on a programming language that you are going to pursue. If you are not sure what the suitable option is, here are get="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">the highest paying programming languages in 2021.

Have the Required Skills

Different companies in Silicon Valley offer different services. From web development to IoT, there are companies for every field. First of all, you need to polish your skill. Instead of sitting idle after graduation, go for any programming language course. Try to understand the market trends and learn the skills that are needed by the companies. Not only software engineers but computer-related other get="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Masters in Software Engineering degree holders also have the same opportunities in the IT market.

Code in the right Language

Universities and colleges don’t always teach the latest programming languages. Market trends change daily and it is almost impossible to get a good job without having any extra certifications. During your studies, try to have a firm command of the trending programming language. Try to work on different projects that can be presented to the employer at the time of the interview. Mastering the right programming language is the key to success in the software engineering market.

Masters In <strong>Software</strong> Engineering
Masters In Software Engineering

Develop Soft Skills

Software engineers are not only going to work with computers and machines but with other team members too. The software development cycle consists of different phases and different engineers are assigned tasks accordingly. Being a good team player is important for a software engineer so employers also look for soft skills that are needed in the workplace. You cannot be a software engineer if you don’t have a command of problem-solving.

Develop Soft Skills
Develop Soft Skills

Build your Network

Knowing the experienced people of your field is always beneficial in office settings. From joining the firm to making development in the professional career, you need to interact with others. Employees, colleagues, and seniors need to build connections with everyone. Knowing people from the industry can help you to grab the right opportunities easily. Software engineers may need to work on get="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">performance engineering of software systems.

Performance Engineering Of <strong>Software</strong> Systems
Performance Engineering Of Software Systems

Demonstrate your Passion

Big companies like Apple and Google value passion and determination over anything. If you are not good at programming, they can teach you but they cannot keep your spirit high. At Google, there are hundreds of employees who never made it to the college. Still, they got hired by Google and the only reason was their passion. They were ready to learn and they made real changes for the company. Instead of completing the assigned tasks only, go for an extra mile and show them your worth.