Architecture Careers: Explore What to Do with an Architecture Degree

July 28, 2021 | Carver Stephen | Online Courses

Architecture Careers: Explore What to Do with an Architecture Degree

Completing your bachelor’s degree in architecture is a long and strenuous process. The good thing is that it is equally rewarding as well. Despite the five tough years of education in this wonderful field, students often find it hard to choose where to begin. 

The job of an architect is inspiring and fascinating yet challenging at the same time. You can improve the way people live while implying your creativity. Amazing. 

<strong><strong>Architecture</strong></strong> <strong>Careers:</strong> <strong>Explore</strong> <strong>What</strong> to Do <strong>with</strong> an <strong><strong>Architecture</strong></strong> <strong>Degree</strong>
Architecture Careers: Explore What to Do with an Architecture Degree

What Does an Architect Do?

Redesigning, construction, alterations, and what not – there are many tasks an architect has to accomplish. But for this, you need to complete a course or a degree of five to seven years. Once you’re through with your degree, you can innovatively design a new building or alter the already existing ones making sure that they are cost-effective, well-designed, and practical. 

Architecture career jobs are way more versatile than you think. From planning and managing open spaces in urban and natural areas to creating new buildings and altering existing ones, you can do so much. 

<strong>What</strong> Does an Architect Do
What Does an Architect Do

Careers to Choose in Architecture:

Even though architecture is the practice of artistically designing and creating buildings, there is so much to it. The field is quite diverse, which means you have tons of architecture career opportunities. In this article, we have put together the best architecture careers list that’ll help you choose the right career path. 

Landscape Architect:

As a landscape architect, you will have to deal with city infrastructure, designing public areas, forestry, and agriculture landscapes. Moreover, your tasks are way more than just designing a few public areas. Binding the urban and rural areas, taking action against climate change and globalization, and water management, all of it is the responsibility of a landscape architect. After completing your degree, you can pursue higher studies, gain experience or get a certificate in landscape architecture to work as a future landscape architect. 

Urban Planner:

Because the population is rapidly growing in urban areas, urbanism is continuously in a state of flux. This leads to an exciting path for an architect. As an urban planner, you can cover everything. Whether we talk about economic changes, sustainable development, or demographic changes, these are essential responsibilities in this profession. As an urban planner, you need to think on a large scale since it’s cities and large-scale places we’re talking about. 

A well-qualified architect can easily pursue a career in urban planning. Thus, if you plan on working on large-scale projects, then urban planning is the right choice. Plus, the salary packages are good as well. 

Urban Planner
Urban Planner

Spatial and Interior Designers:

After completing your architecture degree, you can further pursue your career as an interior and spatial designer. As a spatial designer, your task is to design, create and renovate internal places, fittings, and fixtures with your exclusive management skills. You can be incredibly creative with your outstanding ideas in this field. Since there is an array of options to choose from while decorating, this field is for those who want to convert their imaginations into reality.

Moreover, you can work in distinctive commercial, leisure, and domestic settings. As an interior designer, you need to know how to manage the budget while keeping the client’s requirements in mind. The good thing is, once your career kicks off, you can make a good amount monthly. 

Spatial and Interior Designers
Spatial and Interior Designers

Restoration Architect:

Interested in historical monuments and antiques? Well, you can easily pursue a career as a restoration architect to preserve our heritage and history. Restoration architects need to have a crucial understanding of different cultures to handle the responsibility even better.

Different challenges come with this job. You need to know how to conserve and restore the heritage without damaging the buildings properly. This field is quite interesting for those who are into history and heritage. However, to get into this field, you need to make sure you are interested in historical monuments. Otherwise, it is just a waste of time.


As an architect, finding the right direction can be hard. In this article, we have compiled a list of numerous architecture career paths that you can choose as a profession. The diversity in the field of architecture gives you several options to pursue your career. 

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